Monday, February 14, 2011

Laundry Makeover...

After 20 something years, my parents decided they needed to makeover their laundry/sauna.  Being of Finnish descent, sauna is pronounced (SOW-na).
 I wish I had taken pictures before they took everything out, but didn't have my camera at the moment.  I did take some with my mums camera though, so perhaps I will have to upload from her camera later,  so you can get the whole picture.  Behind the white door is the sauna & shower room.
I love decorating...  so I'm helping my mum in that department.  Don't get me wrong, I can get down & dirty, too.  My father, being the phenomenal painter he is,  often asks that my sister & I help him paint at many of his jobs.  But we'll leave this job up to him ;)   I get to help with the super fun stuff.  Can't wait!

Hop on board, {sidebar, upper right}.
Talk to you real soon;)



  1. Looks different already... with the semi painted trim! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Love it, Fuchsia! Tiffany blue...Gorgeous!

  3. That color is GORGEOUS and with the baskets, it's going to be so gorgeous.

    I really like your blog and am looking forward to following you for more!

  4. Thanks ladies!
    I apologize for the long wait on the laundry makeover. There has been some unforeseen delays. Will update when there is more progress.

  5. Oh! We are of Finnish-descent too and love saunas! I grew up with our sauna lit every hoping we can get one built in our next house. :)