Monday, February 7, 2011

Personalize Your Favorites

 Begin personalizing your favorites.
 What you'll need: 
Leather remnants
Leather hole punch
Rhinestone Rivets
                                                                               Rivet Setter                                                                                    

Cut leather to desired width and length with scissors.  Fold the leather in half and w/ your hole punch, puncture the leather with smallest hole setting.

Puncture hole through whatever it is you're trying to personalize.  Try to get it as straight as you can.

Put the rhinestone rivet through all 3 holes.

Secure rhinestone rivet with hammer.

Yelling for my daughter to come and give me her head so I could use it in the final picture, she happily skipped over.  I popped the hat on and said, "Stay still."  (Am I sounding mean?)  I'm really not---I promise.  She happily obliged and I snapped the final picture.  I was so excited, it had appeared on the camera display that I had taken a pretty cool looking picture... until I uploaded the photos...

I discovered I had photographed the eye that has half the typical eyelashes!  Yes, look real close.
I thought, "Oh gracious---I cannot use this picture, how silly would that be!"  So I proceeded to take many more no avail.  Actually, I ended up with lots of cool pictures but wanted to use this one to make it a little more interesting.  Te hehe;)

To make a long story short, T was involved in a cheerleading incident, which included a falling body where a sneaker skidded across her face... and bye bye eyelashes.

Just so you know both girls are okay.  :)

More leather ideas coming soon!

Would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. It's a great shot! Hopefully her eyelashes grow back in..

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