Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indoor Slides

I happened upon this post the today over at ohdeedoh...  It got me wondering what it would be like to wake up each morning and zip down to make a cup of coffee...It just looks too fun!  If you wanted to go down to the first floor, and you could choose between a flight of stairs and a giant slide like this one, which would you choose? 
See more indoor slides here.



  1. haha I love it!! It would actually be really cool and doable in a kids room or playroom...not sure I would want a slide in my living room though ;)Lloyd and Debbie have tunnels in there walls and a slide and the kids LOVE it

  2. Love your fun blog, thanks so much for stopping by simple as that. :) Rebecca

  3. What fun!!! The fire house should have one of those instead of the pole! My kids are going to die when I show them this. Now they'll add that to their dream house list.